Middle Sound Side of Town

Welcome to MiddleSoundSideOfTown.com, the website dedicated to the residents of the Middle Sound Loop Rd. area of Ogden, Wilmington, NC. From the oak tree lined streets to the shores of the Intracoastal Waterway, "the loop" is a beautiful community. Residents of the loop enjoy the conveniences of nearby urban development, as well as the sense of being "off the beaten path". For more community info click here . MiddleSoundSideOfTown.com is a source of information for long-time residents and newcomers alike. It is also a tool working to increase the feeling of community, to promote pride in homeownership in the area, and to add value in many ways.

Residents and property owners can use this site to stay informed on subject matter that is relevant to their lives and the community. The site has a forum for discussion amongst community members, which can be used as a news source, a median for questions and concerns, a place to find recomendations for services, or a tool to organize events.

The real estate and subdivisions pages go hand in hand. Find properties currently for sale in the area and then check the subdivisions page for detailed information about each neighborhood on "the loop". These pages help buyers and sellers of real estate to find each other. If you or someone you know is interested in buying or selling property, or would like more information about real estate in the area, please, visit the real estate page, call the "Beach Town Brokers Team" at the number below, or use the contact page to send an email.

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